Introducing the Procedural Oxygen Mask® (POM®) With a maximized delivery of approximately 80 to 90% Fio2, The POM is the safest choice for endoscopy, bronchoscopy , and conscious sedation cases while reducing risk of hypoxic events and increasing patient safety to become the standard of patient care!

The Procedural Oxygen Mask is a versatile multi-port capnography mask that allows most types of scopes, probes, and tubes to be inserted through the mask and enter the nose or mouth while maintaining a high percentage of oxygen delivery to the patient. The POM maximizes oxygen delivery and provides end tidal capnography monitoring for increased patient safety.

Only The POM can deliver life saving quality at a reduced price as compared to more expensive positive ventilation masks or traditional nasal cannulas which only provide approximately 25 to 30% Fio2 delivery.