About POM

Enhanced Patient Safety:
The POM provides accurate EtCo2 readings, allowing clinicians to intervene proactively in real time, while providing nearly twice the Fi02 of standard EtCo2 cannulas, reducing the risk of hypoxia during gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures.

Single Device, Two Styles:
The POM can easily be changed from a high concentration mask to a medium concentration mask depending on the need. There is a universal size inlet for the removal or insertion of high concentration and medium concentration adapters.

Panoramic View:
The POM allows for an unobstructed, 360 degree view of the area behind the mask and optimal access to the patient.Adaptability:
There are two anatomically-placed modifiable membranes
(entry points) on the POM, providing optimal access to the patient. The anatomically placed entry points are easily modified to accommodate the clinician’s device of choice.

Benefits of The POM:
• Dual oral and nasal entry ports
• Optimizes oxygen concentration during conscious sedation
• Measures capnography
• Allows for unobstructed access to the patient
• Reduces interruption during procedures