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How is POM Different than a Standard Capnography Mask?

If you’re a healthcare professional involved in endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and conscious sedation, you’re likely familiar with standard capnography masks. But did you know that there’s a better option? The Procedural […]

What Are the Different Types of Oxygen Masks?

Oxygen masks come in all shapes and sizes, and there are several types for different situations and patient needs. Understanding the various types of oxygen masks is essential for the […]

The Risk of Heart Disease After COVID

It’s no secret that the risk of heart disease increases with age, but what about after a COVID infection? Experts are still trying to determine the long-term effects of the […]

Educational Benefits of Using POM Over Nasal Cannulas

Nasal cannulas are the most common type of oxygen delivery device in procedural sedation. However, many clinicians are now using POMs (Procedural Oxygen Masks) instead as they are a safer […]

Long COVID Effects – What Millions are Experiencing

Long COVID is the name given to the effects of the virus that linger after a person has recovered from the initial infection. Symptoms can last for weeks or months, […]

The Risks of Inadequate Oxygenation – How the Right Oxygen Mask Reduces Complications

Oxygen is necessary for us to function, especially when we’re undergoing a procedure where supplemental oxygen is necessary. However, this basic necessity has not always been maintained effectively for a […]

Introducing The POM!: The Only FDA-Approved Class II Device with Life-Saving Quality at a Low Cost!

 The POM is the best affordable option for any practitioner who takes safety in their practice seriously. An age-old problem within the operating room has been the use of oxygen masks […]

The FDA-Approved POM Device: Why You Need It

 The FDA has approved this POM device, so why do you need it?  The POM offers revolutionary technology that has the ability to protect both the patient and medical staff.  […]

The POM: Your One-Stop Solution for Safe and Effective Quality Ventilation

The POM is so adaptable, it is a one stop solution for quality ventilation for your patients. It is also the only FDA approved oxygen mask on the market. The […]

The Power of the POM: How This FDA-Approved Device Can Save Lives

POM is an FDA approved device that has the power to save lives by putting the patient and medical staff’s safety first. The Procedural Oxygen Mask (POM) is a mask like […]

The Procedural Oxygen Mask (POM) – A Revolutionary FDA Approved Class 2 Device

The procedural oxygen mask (POM) is a Revolutionary FDA approved Class 2 device that has been a game changer for medical professionals. For medical professionals who have concerns around hypoxia and […]

Procedural Oxygen Masks Combat Shortages and Supply Chain Issues by Being USA Made

When it comes to continuous sedation during surgeries, you need a high value oxygen delivery system that ensures your patient receives the best care. While medical supply shortages have become […]

POM Masks – An Easy Choice for Seamless Results

 POM Masks – An easy choice for seamless results. Medical professionals use POMs to ensure the best delivery of oxygen and more precise data. POM Masks – An Easy Choice […]

How POM Stacks up Against Other Airway Management Choices

 Procedural Oxygen Masks (POM) are unique due to their self-healing membrane, higher FiO2 (fraction of inspired oxygen) delivery and capnography.  Other airway management choices available today include airway devices, bite […]

Why Most NORA Cases are Gastrointestinal Procedures

 It’s becoming increasingly common to use nonoperating room anesthesia (NORA) for gastrointestinal procedures as new technology makes these procedures easier. The largest number of nonoperating room anesthesia (NORA) cases are […]

Why Respiratory Related Complications Are Five Times More Common During NORA Procedures—and Why POM Is the Solution

Nonoperating room anesthesia Nonoperating room anesthesia (NORA) is used in a wide range of procedures, ranging from gastrointestinal endoscopies to pulmonary and dental procedures. These procedures have varying degrees of […]

The Importance of Adequate Preoxygenation – The Oxygen Mask that Will Meet Patient Needs!

Preoxygenation works to prevent patients from desaturation while they’re under anesthesia. This technique extends the length of safe apnea, which is the time from cessation of breathing until the peripheral […]

Why POM is a Class II Approved Medical Device of the FDA

One of the many responsibilities of the FDA is to advance public health by helping speed-up medical innovations that are safe, effective and affordable. Just like pharmaceuticals, medical devices are […]

Why the Increased Popularity of Deep Sedation Calls for the POM

In the past two decades, deep sedation has grown significantly in popularity across a variety of procedures. As surgeries continue to become more effective and therefore more complex, the need […]

Why The POM is the Mask You Need on Your Side

The Procedural Oxygen Mask® has shown a slew of advantages for mitigating COVID-19 during MAC Endoscopy Procedures. Since this high delivery oxygen mask is designed with endoscopy procedures in mind, […]

POM: The Endoscopy Mask that Keeps Both Patients and Practitioners Safe

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, having patients coughing during Mac Endoscopy was more of a nuisance than a cause for concern. Today, as practitioners continue to adapt their procedures to better […]

Why Cutting the Cost to Save isn’t Worth Your Patients’ Lives: The POM’s Lifesaving Design

The Procedural Oxygen Mask® (POM) provides life-saving solutions for a variety of procedures where CO2 monitoring and high-percentage O2 delivery is critical. Unfortunately, medical practices unknowingly place patients’ well-being, and […]

How The POM Better Protects Everyone from Medical Malpractice Suits

Medical malpractice suits tend to be just as complicated as they are difficult to prove for patients. Airway management, however, is both a baseline skill among most clinicians and also […]

How Hospital Systems are Missing Out on Their O2 Delivery Systems

As industry standards are constantly evolving, and now more than ever at an increased rate, the Procedural Oxygen Mask® shows a direct response to better serve patients and clinicians while […]

What Endoscopy Mask(s) Are You Using?

Medical professionals working in endoscopy units don’t always get the opportunity to exercise choice when it comes to the tools and equipment they employ before, during, and after a procedure. […]

Cover The Cough: The Dangers of Droplet Dispersion During Operation

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a teaching moment for many of us in countless different ways. One thing that has been abundantly clear is that healthcare and hospital workers are […]

Reputable Hospital Systems That Use The POM

Procedural Oxygen Mask® (POM): the safest choice for endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and conscious sedation. The POM has a maximized delivery of approximately 80-90% Fio2 and is an FDA-approved Class 2 device. […]

How POM Prevents Hypoxia

    Hypoxia — the condition of the body in which the tissues are starved of oxygen — accounts for 60% of all complications and/or deaths during conscious sedation procedures. […]

Upper Endoscopy Safety

Dear Anesthesia Colleagues, If you are interested in improving: your PATIENTS’ safety, your PERSONAL safety, and reducing your malpractice risk during Upper Endoscopies, then I welcome you to this discussion, […]

“POM Is a Game Changer”

In 2016, I was hired as the Chief CRNA of a busy community hospital in Maine. As with most departments across the country, when we needed to deliver oxygen by […]