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Cover The Cough: The Dangers of Droplet Dispersion During Operation

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a teaching moment for many of us in countless different ways. One thing that has been abundantly clear is that healthcare and hospital workers are constantly at risk of getting sick themselves, thanks in large part to how the virus is transmitted. COVID-19 is spread via aerosol droplet dispersion, which happens when we cough, sneeze, laugh, talk loudly, or even play a wind instrument. It’s the primary reason why facemasks are encouraged in public places, and it continues to be one of the biggest challenges in how we as a society collectively respond to the pandemic.

The Problem: Droplet Dispersion

Droplet dispersion poses a particularly serious threat to medical staff during operations. Certain operations, such as endoscopic procedures, will by their very nature result in droplet dispersion. In most cases, however, cough is the main offender and can lead to a significant load of aerosolized droplets, potentially affecting everyone in the procedural room.

While surgical masks may offer some protection against the virus, more must be done to ensure the safety of doctors, staff, and other patients and keep them from developing illness as a result of coming into contact with aerosolized microdroplets.

A Novel Solution: The Procedural Oxygen Mask

Just as we have learned to adjust our daily lives to the presence of COVID-19, doctors and medical staff everywhere have been working hard to augment operational and surgical procedures to accommodate the heightened threat of illness and infection since the earliest days of the pandemic. In many ways, this has required a combination of ingenuity and innovation like never before seen.

Enter the Procedural Oxygen Mask® (POM) — a tool that has successfully been utilized in thousands of procedures within hospitals and surgery centers across the United States since 2012, which may prove to be invaluable in how we address COVID-19 and aerosolized droplet dispersion during medical procedures.

Life-saving Fio2 with Multi-port Capnography

An FDA-approved Class 2 device, The POM maximizes oxygen delivery to the patients while accommodating most types of scopes, probes, and tubes to be inserted through the mask. It’s the safest choice available for medical professionals to use for endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and conscious sedation. POM is specifically engineered to reduce the risk of hypoxia during endoscopic procedures, which makes it an instant win for enhanced patient safety. Because of the mask’s versatile design, it can also reduce aerosolized droplet dispersion to a marked degree, providing an added layer of protection for doctors and staff.

The POM is a great tool to help reduce transmission of COVID-19 during a medical procedure, but it’s also ideal for post-op patient recovery. This not only reduces overall costs and lowers the need for additional oxygen therapy devices; it brings the same, elevated level of protection against droplet dispersion to a post-op environment, again aiding in keeping everyone involved in the patient’s journey as safe and healthy as possible.

Stop Droplet Dispersion with The POM

SARS-CoV-2 —the official name for COVID-19— continues to be a threat in procedural rooms around the world and preventing aerosolized droplet dispersion is currently one of the best answers to protecting doctors, staff and other patients. Despite having been engineered with no pandemic in mind, The POM may be one of the most effective tools available to medical professionals today for aiding in the fight against widespread illness.

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