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Educational Benefits of Using POM Over Nasal Cannulas

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Nasal cannulas are the most common type of oxygen delivery device in procedural sedation. However, many clinicians are now using POMs (Procedural Oxygen Masks) instead as they are a safer and easier-to-use choice.

In this article, we’ll explore POM’s benefits over nasal cannulas and how it could help improve endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and conscious sedation while improving patient care.

Reduces Hypoxic Events

The most common complication associated with nasal cannula use is hypoxia, which occurs when the patient doesn’t receive enough oxygen. This can be dangerous and even life-threatening. POM can help reduce the risk of hypoxic events by providing a more reliable and consistent oxygen flow. POM delivers about 80-90% FiO2 in comparison to 25-30% that traditional nasal cannulas provide.

Reduces Procedure Stoppages

A common issue with nasal cannulas is that they often fall out, don’t seal well, block views, and don’t provide adequate FiO2 levels, which can interrupt procedures. POM is more secure and provides sensitive and dependable EtCO2 trends, which can help reduce procedure stoppages.

Increases Safety for Obese Patients and Mouth Breathers

Nasal cannulas are not well-suited for obese patients or mouth breathers, as they can fall out easily and don’t provide a good seal. POM is designed to stay in place and provide a better seal, which can help increase safety for these groups of patients.

Usable in Post-Operative Care

Clinicians can use POM on patients during post-operative care. Since it is multi-use, it eliminates the need for a separate post-op mask. This reduces the overall costs of the medical facility and decreases its waste.

Connects to Most CO2 Monitors

POM can connect to most CO2 monitors (including Microstream™), which helps clinicians get accurate readings and trends. This is important in various procedures and surgeries where EtCO2 needs to be monitored closely.

Final Thoughts

POM is a reliable and efficient oxygenation device with many benefits over traditional nasal cannulas. It can help reduce hypoxic events, increase safety for obese patients and mouth breathers, reduce procedure stoppages, and connect to most CO2 monitors. Plus, it allows the passage of multiple ports, tubes, and probes, while maintaining a seal and good oxygen delivery.

If you’re looking for an alternative to nasal cannulas, POM is an excellent option. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more or request a sample.


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