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How Hospital Systems are Missing Out on Their O2 Delivery Systems

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As industry standards are constantly evolving, and now more than ever at an increased rate, the Procedural Oxygen Mask® shows a direct response to better serve patients and clinicians while exceeding in various aspects of care.

There are IDN’s that continue to use limiting and low-performing oxygen delivery systems (such as open face masks or nasal cannulas, are missing out on the multiple attributes of The POM for MAC Endoscopy procedures

The POM sets a standard for patient safety and comfort, as well as the ease of use for clinicians. It is also one of the most cost-effective choices for those requiring procedural oxygen for short procedures. Here are a few advantages The POM brings to the operating and recovery room that other masks cannot.

Advantages to the Endoscopic Mask: The POM 

The POM is designed to allow both nasal and oral entry during endoscopic procedures through sealing membranes without compromising oxygen delivery. The POM also allows for higher Fio2 delivery up to 95% at 10-15 liters per minute, an attribute that traditional nasal cannula cannot supply.

Our mask does not require the assistance of a respiratory circuit unlike positive ventilation masks or HFNC, and also provides an adaptive capnography port that enables physicians to respond immediately in the event a patient stops breathing.

Utilize The POM in Your Hospital

HFNC, airway devices, modified bit blocks, and jerry-rigged endoscopic masks fail to thoroughly alleviate the possibility of coughing during surgery, hypoxia, disease transmission, and other severe operational and post-operational issues.

The POM is completely customized for these procedures unlike its counterparts, with an approach that provides more comfort for the patient, ease of use for the practitioner, and significantly lower chances of losing high Fio2 delivery, all at a lower cost than other options.

With these advanced systems in mind, The POM should be considered a standard tool to have available on-hand for the majority of clinicians and IDNs today.

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