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Introducing The POM!: The Only FDA-Approved Class II Device with Life-Saving Quality at a Low Cost!

Home Blog Introducing The POM!: The Only FDA-Approved Class II Device with Life-Saving Quality at a Low Cost!

 The POM is the best affordable option for any practitioner who takes safety in their practice seriously. An age-old problem within the operating room has been the use of oxygen masks in conjunction with the surgical procedure itself. Often, the solution has been to cut holes in the masks to make room for probes and instruments required for the various procedures. However, this can be very unsafe for both patients and medical staff. The Procedural Oxygen Mask (POM) was created with revolutionary technology to combat this problem in an affordable way. 

What Is the POM?

The POM is a patient modifiable O2 mask that can be used in endoscopy, bronchoscopy, conscious sedation, and wherever else oxygen delivery services are needed. Its dual function allows for protecting medical staff from airway secretions (something that is extremely important in a Covid-19 climate), as well as delivering oxygen to the patient. 

Its approximate maximum delivery of 80-90% FiO2 outshines other competitors, who often only provide approximately 25-30% FiO2.The POM is also FDA approved, making it a fantastic choice for any practice that uses O2 masks. 

The POM is made in the USA, which combats any chance of shortage and supply chain issues. It is also extremely affordable, however it still uses the highest quality materials, giving practitioners access to life-saving quality without the high price tag. 

What Are the Benefits? 

The main drawcard of the POM is its adaptability to the patient and its potentially life saving features. Despite the lower price tag, POM does not compromise on quality. 

The POM has two separate oral and nasal entry ports with POM membrane, that allow easier access to the patient via whichever means is necessary. 

These membranes close back over and are flexible in order to keep as much oxygen inside the mask as possible, and unlike traditional and limiting O2 delivery systems often used during endoscopies, both the mouth and nose are covered. The adaptable membrane also means that the mask is suited to almost all patients, and can be used in a wide range of surgeries and procedures with whatever equipment is needed for the endoscopy. 

The POM’s “single device, two styles” concept also means that it can be used in two ways. It features a universal size inlet that allows for the insertion and removal of different adapters. Depending on the patient’s needs, the POM can be used as both a medium concentration mask, and high concentration mask. You will struggle to find this level of adaptability that the POM offers with any other O2 mask. The POM can also remain on the patient during postoperative recovery, which allows for a more seamless recovery experience. 

Finally, the POM is extremely affordable, especially compared to other masks of a similar type on the market. Do not let the lower price fool you. As has been outlined, quality is POM’s number one priority, and this has not been compromised during the design and manufacture process. POM is an affordable solution offering life-saving technology for surgical procedures.

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