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In 2016, I was hired as the Chief CRNA of a busy community hospital in Maine. As with most departments across the country, when we needed to deliver oxygen by mask during deep sedation and wanted to monitor ETCO2, we would cobble together three unrelated components–a simple mask, an IV catheter, and a syringe pump tubing. It worked well, but turned out to be not only expensive but also a practice that was being discouraged by our colleagues in Materials Management. Our department had the best of intentions, but playing the role of “MacGyver” constituted a non-approved use of a medical device.

Although familiar with POM, I, like most of my colleagues, had not seen The POM in use in any clinical setting. A sample landed on my desk about the same time as the MM dust-up, and POM was presented as a solution to the institution’s value-added committee.  Not only would POM provide our department the opportunity to provide safe, standard of care practice but it would save the institution approximately $7 with each use versus MacGyver.

POM turned out to be a game changer in our department, so much so, in fact, that its use not only eliminated MacGyver, but significantly reduced and replaced the use of the ETCO2/O2 cannula.


Peter Eaton

CRNA Owner, Susquehanna Valley Anesthesia Associates, present

Chief CRNA, , 12/2016 to 6/2021

Managing Member, The Lethean Company, LLC

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