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POM Masks – An Easy Choice for Seamless Results

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 POM Masks – An easy choice for seamless results. Medical professionals use POMs to ensure the best delivery of oxygen and more precise data.

POM Masks – An Easy Choice for Seamless Results

When medical professionals use the best Procedural Oxygen Masks, it’s easier to keep your patient safe during procedures where conscious sedation is required or when effective oxygen delivery and respiratory rate monitoring are paramount. Previously, doctors utilized the only options available to secure tubes and probes required for insertion during procedures, including endoscopy and bronchoscopy. The POM has been developed to address dangerous adaptations on standard O2 masks. 

These adaptations entailed cutting holes in standard masks to attempt accommodation of necessary delivery and read devices. POM replaces this rudimentary care with a purpose-built solution that includes modifiable entry points that allow for safe, unobstructed care for every patient. By constructing these tube and probe ports with membranes that self-close, the POM system also promotes markedly less incidence of hypoxia.

Increased Safety is Forefronted by POM

With the presence of COVID-19, now more than ever the safety of family members who require hospital care must be forefronted with precision equipment custom designed for the task. POM is the only Procedural Oxygen Mask that has been approved by the FDA with dual ports for oral and nasal delivery and proper measurement of carbon dioxide on exhalation.

POM puts safety first for the patient and the medical team by taking jerry-rigged O2 masks out of the room and providing real-time data with a SCO2 sample line cleverly placed at the top of the mask. You can be certain that your loved one is receiving optimum care during procedures with POMs, and that this will be carried through into the post-operative space.

In addition to reducing incidences of hypoxia, the use of POMs is valuable for meeting goals related to maintaining a sterile environment and allowing for continuity throughout the post-surgical care process. An improved standard of care is better for everyone, and the increased monitoring possible with POMs means airway management will also be better addressed. Less respiratory complications could prove to be a direct result of increased POM use as more accurate oxygen saturation level data is now available to clinicians.

Approved by the FDA

When your clinician uses a POM, they gain increased clarity, reduce dangerous in-procedure breaks, and enhance patient safety. Having recently expanded into the European market, these Class 2 FDA-approved devices are streets ahead on Fio2 delivery. The POM beats out traditional nasal cannulas and provides better value than expensive positive ventilation masks.

Knowing that the medical team on site is properly equipped when your family member is booked for a procedure – or has been taken in for emergency care – allows for a reduction in anxiety. Medical professionals that have access to good supplies of POMs will undoubtedly reassure patients that they are in the right place for optimum medical intervention and the best aftercare. Hopes are high that POM use will continue to rise as the smart way forward. This FDA-approved medical device makes perfect sense as a well-stocked addition to every medical facility and clearly presents as a game-changer for patient safety.

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