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POM: The Endoscopy Mask that Keeps Both Patients and Practitioners Safe

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Covid Protection

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, having patients coughing during Mac Endoscopy was more of a nuisance than a cause for concern.

Today, as practitioners continue to adapt their procedures to better protect patients and medical staff from THE virus and a multitude of others, the Procedural Oxygen Mask ® (POM) presents a new solution to an age-old problem.

The POM presents a great advantage to better protect medical staff from bacteria and bodily fluids that may be carrying airborne viruses and diseases, and minimizes the risk often present with other oxygen delivery systems.

Adaptability for Oral and Nasal Scopes, Probes and Tubes 

The POM works two-fold for patients and practitioners for safer procedures. It ensures that patients receive needed oxygen levels during MAC Endoscopy, while also protecting medical staff from coming in direct contact with airway secretions.

Unlike other traditional and limiting O2 delivery systems often used during Endoscopies, like the nasal cannula, The POM is a procedural capnography mask that covers the patient’s mouth and nose, allowing ease of equipment entry to both passages through modified membranes.

The POM’s two anatomically-placed modifiable membranes (entry points) provide optimal access to both nasal and oral passages, making it suitable for virtually all patients and easy for medical staff to use in tandem with the O2 delivery system and real time capnography.

This is incredibly helpful when working with patients needing awake Intubations, endoscopes, bronchoscopes, and other tubes and equipment needed during endoscopy procedures.

The POM Keeps Everyone Safe 

There are multiple advantages of The POM that keep the safety of both patient and medical staff at the forefront of its design. As a mask that provides nearly an all-in-one system for Endoscopy by providing > 95% Fi02 delivery, and as a protective barrier between patient and practitioner, it’s the one we use most in the Endoscopy Suites as new and developing viruses / bacteria remain ever present.

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