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Introducing the Procedural Oxygen Mask® (POM®) With a maximized delivery of approximately 80-90% Fio2, The POM is the safest choice for endoscopy, bronchoscopy, conscious sedation, and is the #1 FDA approved mask for procedural sedation with proven sensitive Respiratory Rate Tending via end tidal Co2.

The Procedural Oxygen Mask

The Procedural Oxygen Mask is a versatile multi-port capnography mask that allows most types of scopes, probes, and tubes to be inserted through the mask and enter the nose or mouth while maintaining a high percentage of oxygen delivery to the patient. The POM maximizes oxygen delivery and provides proven respiratory rate monitoring for increased patient safety.

What we do?

  • Only The POM is a FDA approved Class 2 device that can deliver life saving quality at a reduced price as compared to more expensive positive ventilation masks or traditional nasal cannulas which only provide approximately 25-30% Fio2 delivery.
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Enhanced Patient Safety

The POM provides sensitive and dependable EtCo2 trends, allowing clinicians to intervene proactively in real time, while providing nearly twice the Fi02 of standard EtCo2 cannulas, reducing the risk of hypoxia during gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures.

Single Device, Two Styles

The POM can be configured as a high concentration mask (non-rebreather) or medium concentration mask depending on patient's needs. There is a universal size inlet for the removal or insertion of high concentration and medium concentration adapters.


There are two anatomically-placed modifiable membranes
(entry points) on the POM, providing optimal access to the patient. The anatomically placed entry points are easily modified to accommodate the clinician’s device of choice.

Panoramic View

The POM allows for an unobstructed, 360 degree view of the area behind the mask and optimal access to the patient

Benefits of The POM

• Dual oral and nasal entry ports
• Optimizes oxygen concentration during conscious sedation
• Measures capnography
• Allows for unobstructed access to the patient
• Reduces interruption during procedures

About POM Medical

Prior to the invention of The Procedural Oxygen Mask (POM), it was discovered that doctors were cutting holes into masks to allow probes and tubes to enter standard O2 masks during various types of procedures. From this came the basis in forming the idea of encapsulating patented modifiable membranes onto a O2 mask – precisely installed over the nose and mouth – which accomplishes two functions:

(1) Allowing the tube or probe to safely enter a patient’s oral or nasal passage
(2) Safely keeping the patient highly oxygenated during the procedure

In 2012, POM Medical was incorporated to produce that procedural mask onto market.  Since that time, The POM has been successfully utilized in thousands of procedures within hospitals and surgery centers across the United States.  The POM has underwent rigorous independent lab testing to secure what is now considered “the standard of patient care.”

Another of The POM’s features is the ETCo2 port which was imbedded off the top of mask to allow for clinicians to see in real time, whether the patient is breathing through the collection of Co2 gas.   By placing the ETCo2 port at the top of the mask, the Co2 sample line can be placed in an “out of the way” area so as not to get in the way of the clinician.

Other benefits of The POM include:

  • Medium and high concentration adaptors
  • Universal 07 ft. O2 lines
  • Universal 10 ft. Co2 sample lines
  • Connectivity to most Co2 monitors including Microstream™
  • Reduction in hypoxic events
  • Reduction in stoppages during procedures
  • Increased safety for obese patients and mouth breathers
  • No more jerry-rigged O2 masks which were never designed to be cut nor be utilized as The POM
  • Post-operative care: The POM can be utilized on the patient during post-operative recovery thus relieving facility costs.

Please contact a POM distribution sales representative today and see why The POM has become the standard of patient care.

Don't Just Detect the
Problem..... Prevent It!

Hypoxic events account for 60% of all complications and/or deaths
during conscious sedation!


Enhancing Patient Safety to Save Lives!

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Procedural Oxygen Mask, Patent No. 8,365,734 B1. Developed by POM Medical, LLC

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