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Procedural Oxygen Masks Combat Shortages and Supply Chain Issues by Being USA Made

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Made in USA

When it comes to continuous sedation during surgeries, you need a high value oxygen delivery system that ensures your patient receives the best care. While medical supply shortages have become a regular part of life for many medical professionals across the country due to the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, procedural oxygen masks (POMs) are now combating these shortages because they’re being manufactured and distributed locally in the USA.

Supply chain issues and equipment shortages have affected patients and clinicians across the board. Having to engineer potentially dangerous rudimentary adaptations to the traditional O2 masks had become standard practice in many operating theaters before the advent of the purpose-designed POM. The POM alleviates stress for practitioners as the need for jerry-rigging traditional masks has been eliminated. This technology delivers value for money and it should be standard in medical supply cabinets across the globe.

Better design translates to increased safety

Intelligent design means POMs are reducing incidences of hypoxia, they are less likely to function as vectors of COVID-19, and they offer a precise dataset for reads on CO2. Both nasal and oral delivery are shored up with custom-designed ports, constructed to self-heal. The membranes take the probe, scope or tube, hold it securely, and then close completely to prevent undue movement or loss of flow. These masks reduce the transmission of infections in high-risk surgeries such as endoscopies, providing medical teams with a safer work environment. 

Along with working harder to increase safety for those patients who are mouth breathers or obese, the POM can be segued into the recovery room to provide seamless postoperative care. This saves your facility time and money, and it creates safer transitions for all patients. American made POMs are changing the game for medical teams, making monitoring more precise and providing an optimum environment for reductions in cases of respiratory distress.

Eliminating supply chain issues

Having a steady supply of POMs is now possible for all medical facilities in the USA. There has also been a recent expansion into the European market. These intelligent capnography masks are proving to be more efficient than traditional nasal cannulas and have been proved to be a more effective alternative to positive ventilation masks. Because POMs are made in the USA, deliveries are not susceptible to delays, which is another way that POMs translate to a better experience for patients and medical professionals alike.

Making a move to POMs is the best way forward to reduce airborne aerosol transmission. Also, supply chain disruptions aren’t an issue for these American made products. Therefore, it makes sense to always stock POMs, the medical equipment that works smarter for your team and your patient.


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