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Reputable Hospital Systems That Use The POM

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Procedural Oxygen Mask® (POM): the safest choice for endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and conscious sedation. The POM has a maximized delivery of approximately 80-90% Fio2 and is an FDA-approved Class 2 device.

Its versatile multi-port capnography allows most types of scopes, probes, and tubes to be inserted and enter the nose or mouth, thus maintaining a high percentage of oxygen delivery to the patient while detecting respiratory rate for increased patient safety.

U.S. Medical Systems using POM Mask

We want to work with CRNAs, anesthesiologists, and hospitals everywhere to increase safety during endoscopic procedures, provide premium post-op care, and offer an affordable mask option without sacrificing safety to save a dollar. We currently provide more than 250,000 POM masks a month that are utilized in hospitals nationwide. If you are considering The POM for your patients’ safety, see our list of reputable hospitals using The POM:

º Kaiser Health
º University of Pennsylvania Medical Center (UPMC)
º Advocate Health in Illinois
º John Hopkins University in Maryland
º Intermountain Health in Utah
º Baylor Scott & White in Texas
º UCLA Health in California
And more!

Find the POM® Near You
At POM Medical, we are experiencing a paradigm shift that is sweeping the country, as clinicians acknowledge a “zero tolerance” position for transient hypoxic events, now that an FDA-approved device is available. POM is the next device that will prove to be transformative within the endoscopy space.

If you are interested in introducing The POM to your hospital, contact us for more resources, case studies, and other information here.

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