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The FDA-Approved POM Device: Why You Need It

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 The FDA has approved this POM device, so why do you need it?  The POM offers revolutionary technology that has the ability to protect both the patient and medical staff. 

The Procedural Oxygen Mask (POM) is a medical device that doctors need. As the only FDA- approved oxygen mask, POM offers revolutionary technology that has the ability to protect both the patient and medical staff. 

What is the POM?

The POM is an oxygen mask that can be used in a multitude of ways, and can be modified from patient to patient. It can be used during an endoscopy, bronchoscopy, conscious sedation, or wherever else the practitioner sees fit. Unlike other oxygen masks, the POM offers quality, safety and affordability, all designed to the highest standard possible. 

The POM is FDA approved, which means the United States FDA has deemed the device to be safe to use. In fact, it is the only device of its kind with the FDA approval, setting the POM a cut above other oxygen masks. The device is made in the USA, which means it does not face the shortage and supply chain problems that competitors face. 

It is also considerably more affordable than other options, but this does not mean that quality has fallen by the wayside. The team behind the POM pride themselves on using the highest quality materials and designs. 

Why You Need the POM

Firstly, the POM performs at a much higher level than other oxygen masks. The approximate delivery of 80-90% FiO2 outshines other competitors, who often only provide approximately 20-30% FiO2. The POM is also FDA approved, making it a  fantastic choice for any practice that uses O2 masks. 

The second reason you need the POM is how adaptable it is. Unlike other oxygen masks, the POM features both an oral and nasal entry port, which means that the surgeon can pick one or the other for the specific operation. These entry ports are covered in a membrane that is flexible, and moves back into place when not being used, so multiple entry ports can be used during one procedure. 

The POM also has a universal size inlet, which allows different adapters to easily be inserted and removed. This device can be used two different ways–as a medium concentration mask and a high concentration mask. This all depends on what size adapter is used, and the POM is extremely accommodating. With the POM, you can be assured that  this oxygen mask will be suitable for any patient or procedure.

You also need the POM for the safety of your own medical staff. The POM creates a firm barrier between the patient and medical staff. Often with other styles of masks, medical staff have had to cut holes to allow for different tools to be used, or for access to the patient. This can expose the staff to respiratory secretions from the patient and vice versa. 

Using the POM means that the patient can easily be accessed, without compromising the safety of anyone in the operating theater. During a global pandemic, this is particularly important, as it can protect both staff and patients from a potentially deadly virus. Put the safety of your staff and patients first by using the POM.

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