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The POM: Your One-Stop Solution for Safe and Effective Quality Ventilation

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The POM is so adaptable, it is a one stop solution for quality ventilation for your patients. It is also the only FDA approved oxygen mask on the market. The Procedural Oxygen Mask (POM) is your solution for safe and effective ventilation for your patients. The POM contains a multitude of adaptable functions that allow it to be used in multiple ways across several procedures. It is also the only FDA approved oxygen mask on the market, making it the perfect choice for any practitioner who uses this kind of mask. 

One-Stop Solution

Not every surgery is the same, so why should the oxygen mask function in only one way? The lack of adaptability has been a cause of frustration for those who use oxygen masks during procedures, as often they do not fit the purpose or tools being used. 

The POM does it all. It is fitted with a universal inlet that allows the removal and insertion of different types of adaptors. The mask can function as both a high concentration mask and a medium concentration mask, depending on what is required for the particular procedure. 

The device also contains two entry ports, fitted out with POM membrane. One port is situated over the nose, and the other over the mouth, so the operating staff can assess and use whichever respiratory passage they best see fit. The membrane ensures that the port that isn’t being used is firmly covered over, and it is flexible enough that both ports can be used during one surgery should they be needed. 

Furthermore, the POM provides Respiratory Rate Tending to allow for the patient’s safety to be monitored by a clinician, in case additional measures need to be taken. 

No other mask can offer the same adaptable features and quality of the POM. It truly is a one- stop solution for endoscopy, bronchoscopy and conscious sedation.

Quality Ventilation

The POM also provides quality ventilation to the patient during procedures. Traditional masks have a maximum delivery of 20-30% FiO2. The POM however, has a maximum delivery of 80-90% FiO2, clearly outperforming its traditional counterparts.  

Despite having two entry ports, the quality of the ventilation is not lost. The membrane on the ports is flexible and adaptable; it returns to its original position when not being used. This traps the maximum amount of oxygen inside the mask, allowing for optimal ventilation for the wearer. 

The mask also creates a 360-degree, unencumbered view of the space behind the mask, allowing for easy and efficient access to the patient. This means that the ventilation quality will not be compromised by medical staff needing to cut holes or make incisions in the mask to get to the patient, as the POM allows for easy, unobstructed access. This is also assisted by the two entry ports with membranes, reducing the need for incisions and alterations in the mask.

The POM is truly indispensable for a multitude of surgical situations and allows for a wide range of adaptations to be applied depending on the patient. Using the POM means your patients will have an option that suits them and their needs and will assist you with the procedure as well. 

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