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The Power of the POM: How This FDA-Approved Device Can Save Lives

Home Blog The Power of the POM: How This FDA-Approved Device Can Save Lives

POM is an FDA approved device that has the power to save lives by putting the patient and medical staff’s safety first. The Procedural Oxygen Mask (POM) is a mask like no other. The POM offers life-saving technology that allows doctors to adapt to their patients, and it has also been FDA approved. This means that it has the highest stamp of approval that a device of its kind can attain, and for good reason too. For use in endoscopy, bronchoscopy, conscious sedation and wherever else is fit, the POM is the right choice for any practice. 

POM Is FDA-Approved 

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates and approves food, drugs and medical devices that are available in the United States. For an item to become FDA approved, it must undertake rigorous testing and trials to ensure it is safe for consumers to use. 

POM is a Class II device that is approved by the FDA, therefore users can be confident in its safety. Furthermore, it is the only device of its kind that is FDA-approved, setting it apart from others available on the market. 

It makes sense for a consumer to choose an FDA-approved device over one that is not, therefore POM is the natural choice for any practitioner who needs an oxygen mask. 

Life-Saving Technology 

The technology that led the POM to be FDA approved was designed with the utmost efficiency and safety in mind. 

The POM performs well above competitors with a maximum delivery at 80-90% FiO2. Similar devices often only offer 20-30% FiO2, performing well under the POM. 

The POM contains two entry ports, one oral and one nasal, and these ports are covered with the POM membrane. The two entry ports allow for the mask to be adapted to the patient and type of surgical equipment needed for the procedure. 

The membrane is made from a highly flexible material, and automatically closes back over, which traps maximum oxygen in the mask, and thus delivers as much as possible to the patient. It also means that no incisions need to be made in the mask during the operation, as the medical staff have proper access to the patient via the POM. 

The POM creates a solid divide between the patient and medical staff, preventing any secretion from the oral or nasal passages to come into contact with those in the operating room. In a Covid-19 environment, this can be life-saving, as it prevents any airborne viruses and diseases from affecting those in the operating room. It also protects the patient from similar ailments during the operation and recovery process. 

The other life-saving feature of the POM is the Respiratory Rate Tending via end tidal CO2. Accurate EtCO2 trends are provided to clinicians, allowing them to intervene if necessary. There is also twice the FiO2 of standard EtCO2 cannulas, which can be life-saving during gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures, as it reduces the risk of hypoxia. 

Using the POM during procedures puts the patient and medical staff’s safety first and allows those in the theater to concentrate on the task at hand. The POM is the right choice for every practitioner.

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