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The Procedural Oxygen Mask (POM) – A Revolutionary FDA Approved Class 2 Device

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The procedural oxygen mask (POM) is a Revolutionary FDA approved Class 2 device that has been a game changer for medical professionals. For medical professionals who have concerns around hypoxia and aerosol generation during endoscopy procedures, the procedural oxygen mask (POM) is the innovation that has changed the game. The POM is the first FDA approved Class 2 device on the market and the intelligent design offers precision, increased safety, and easier continuity of care for every patient.

When it comes to monitoring patients during anesthesia, the POM provides better delivery of supplemental oxygen in combination with an increased ability to pinpoint measured CO2 exhalation levels in a way that has not previously been possible. This FDA approved medical device also takes the place of clumsy monitoring with oximeter technology and works harder than the more costly positive ventilation masks. Because POMs  remain in place as patients journey from the operating theater to postsurgical care, facilities that stock these innovative devices also save money on jerry-rigged traditional single-use oxygen masks. 

Contemporary solutions and increased safety

The need for an approved FDA Class 2 device to supersede the use of open face nasal cannula is addressed by POM capnography masks. In addition to increased protection from the severe risks to medical practitioners caused by patients coughing during bronchoscopies, upper endoscopies or transesophageal echocardiograms, the more precise monitoring of exhalation stats translates to a rise in the standard of care. Additionally, using POMs inherently leads to a decrease in respiratory complications during procedures, with better airway management now available to clinicians across the board. 

When medical teams use POMs, they’re better protected as they access the markedly improved containment of potentially deadly aerosols. These FDA approved Class 2 devices form a tight physical barrier, which is able to be maintained seamlessly through procedures and into the recovery room. With the current global climate presenting life-threatening risks with every procedure, it’s essential that all medical facilities stock FDA approved capnography masks as standard practice. 

Intelligent design elevates care

The POM works in several ways to elevate care and protection for both the patient and their medical team. Along with clearer stats and a decrease in the transfer of potential viral loads between doctors/nurses and patients, the POM is designed to self-seal around all tubes, probes and scopes. The intelligent design utilizes ports constructed as membranes, which form a snug seal for both oral and nasal delivery. This ensures greater comfort and safety for patients by preventing uncomfortable movement or interruptions in oxygen flow during procedures.

POMs are a long overdue solution to the dangerous practice of jerry-rigging traditional oxygen masks to perform outside of their fundamental scope. With these revolutionary FDA approved Class 2 devices now available, both patients and clinicians can begin to experience the reduced anxiety that comes with naturally elevated care.

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